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Thursday, 21 August 2014

8 Awesome Things You Didn't Know About PS4 Exclusive: RiME

Hidden Secrets Revealed In RiME's New Launch Trailer

August 21st, 2014 By Maya Mayfield


Tequila Works have been hard at work on PlayStation Exclusive RiME. Taken time from their busy schedule they have finally revealed a debut trailer along with a few hidden secrets about the upcoming game.

1. Lost in Paradise
 From the trailer we know the game will start on a mysterious island. The main character with the cape has left their home to be here but we are yet to discover why.

2. Helpful Wings 
The animals in RiME are going to help the main protagonist in various ways, for example in the trailer we can see the seagulls flying in a particular direction, as a way of guiding the main character to certain points of interest.

3. A Royal Prince and His Cape
The Boy in the video is actually a prince from the crown on his head, but the red superman cape he wears is actually very important, but CI Games creative director Raul Rubio Munarriz tells us you will just have to play the game to find out why.

4. An Important Key 
Another interesting thing to notice on the trailer is the symbol of a key, which players will be able to locate all over the game.

5. Symbols Are Everywhere 
If you look closely at the trailer you may also notice smaller version of the key symbol located within the rocks towards the right side of the video.

6. Climbing Mountains 
RiME is an open world adventure with lots of movements that will require the young prince to scale high cliffs and do lots of swimming to navigate around the environment.

7. Light and Sounds
RiME's puzzles is designed around the elements of light and sound, as well as certain view points. Which we noticed in the trailer where a drawing of a fox can be seen across several trees, while the fox appears in the foreground.

8. Water Exploration 
Players will be able to go below the under water surfaces in RiME to explore lots of hidden secrets and mysterious artifacts.

There is still so much things we are yet to discover about RiME, but this debut trailer is certainly heading in the right direction in terms of grabbing our interest. Did you see anything else we missed? Leave us your comments below.