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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

What We Think Of KillZone Shadow Fall's 2 New Maps

Killzone Shadow Fall: First Impressions Of The Terminal and StormGracht  

July 22nd, 2014 By Maya Mayfield


We are excited to get our first look at KillZone Shadow Fall's 2 brand new maps. Stormgracht and The Terminal are free downloadable multiplayer maps for Killzone Shadow Fall. Stormgracht is located in the poisonous industrial part of the planet, while The Terminal can be found inside the Wall by the New Helghan side of the zone.

The Terminal 
The Terminal is a defense/prison facility connected by a rail systems that races past in breakneck speeds. Navigating through The Terminal certainly does have an eery spine chilling feeling as if Death itself lived there.

On one part of the station, players can locate the central armory unit, where the entire stations security can be watched and guarded by the powerful AA automatic guns set to kill anyone that attempts to breach the closely protected bridge on the Vektan's side of planet.

Hellish overbearing prison cells can be found in The Terminal, where those unfortunate enough to end up there are stripped of what little precious, or sentimental values they have left. The environment is incredibly striking with guerrilla studios most likely taking its creative inspiration from Hitlers Nazi Death camps.  As we explored the various narrow winding platforms, it was very obvious our fight for survival will be based on our ability to use stealth take downs in tight corridor spaces, while trying to avoid getting crushed by the speeding trains along the way.

What-We-Think-Of-KillZone-Shadow-Fall's-2-New-Maps-ps4-gamesStormgracht is a Toxic dump, located in the new Helghan area. The location is designed into a labyrinth of old ruins that have been further destroyed by floodwaters over time.

What-We-Think-Of-KillZone-Shadow-Fall's-2-New-Maps-ps4-gamesLocated within Stormgracht is an ancient man made reservoir, that if opened can annihilate everyone in its way, unless you can get to higher grounds found within the Gracht's walls. Inside the walls of the Gracht are networks of ancient housing networks, where those who have been banished from Vekta City can be discovered trying to free themselves from the dominating rules of the New Helghan.

These old crumbling man made junk towns are great opportunities for gamers to sneak around quietly undetected within the dilapidated areas.

Our Thoughts . . .
Tactical specialist can take full advantage of these two new maps, planning their route to victory effectively once The Terminal and Stormgracht's vantage points have been located.

We recommend long range sniper rifles for open spaces in StormGracht's central reservoir channel would be ideal for picking off enemy targets easily, while your side arm for tight narrow heated confrontations at The Terminal.

What are your thoughts on the two latest maps from KillZone Shadow Fall? Let us know in the comments below.