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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Evolve New Interactive 4v1 Multiplayer Action Revealed

 Evolve Trailer Showcases New Interactive 4v1 multiplayer Action

April 24, 2014, By Maya Mayfield


Turtle Rock Studios have revealed a new trailer today showcasing a first ever look at a complete match of Evolve. In this latest trailer the team have enabled viewers to switch between the feed of any of the 4 hunters or monsters, so gamers can get a good idea of the action from various perspectives. Turtle Rock Studio's has also included a 6th channel to view the game along with commentary from Turtles Rock Studios Co-Founder Aaron Chambers and design director Chris Ashton.

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The 4 versus 1 concept of four hunters taking on one giant evolving monster is really what makes Evolve such a unique stand-out title to other games out there. In todays trailer we really get an idea of just how pivotal each hunters role is and what part they play in trapping the beast.

The trailer follows the first four hunters in Evolve at the Forest Ruins Map: Markov the Assault, Hank the support, Val the medic and Griffin the Trapper as they work together using unique weapons and items to take down the gigantic Evolving Brute, known as Goliath. We also get a good look at just some of the things  Players controlling the monstrous Goliath's can do from charge and leap attacks to breathing fire and throwing rocks.

Take a look at the  brand new trailer and tell us what you think.  Evolve will be out on Playstation 4 later this year. Pre-order today and receive the exclusive Monster Expansion Pack, plus more.