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Friday, 13 September 2013

GTA 5 Uncensored Sex Scene! Has Rockstar Gone Too Far?

Grand Theft Auto 5 Uncensored Sex Scene! Has Rockstar Gone Too Far?

By Maya Mayfield
13th September 2013

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Grand Theft Auto 5 is only 4 days away from its officially release date on the 17 Sep 2013, and there are already gameplay footages, excuse the pun - leaking everywhere. (That's what she said.) One particular footage causing a major stir is a clip of an unknown male character, having uncensored doggy style-sex with a female character bent over a table.

Now we are aware that Rockstar has always been one of the major developers pushing the bar when it comes to violence and all manners of debauchery. So this new video footage really comes as no surprise to someone who has been a major fan of the GTA series since its first release on Microsoft DOS back in 1997.

Even back then shooting tiny pixel frame bullets and running people over in the streets from a top down view seemed a little too much, when you hear the sound of bodies squishing underneath your road raged vehicle. But as technology continues to advance and graphics continue to improve, the lines between fantasy and reality are being pushed further and further away. As adults in the 21st century, finding and viewing sex online is as simple as ordering a pizza, so the idea of seeing two computer generated animations humping over a table is no more of a surprise than stepping on dog poop on your way to work.

There is a desensitisation happening right across society and I often wonder if that is a reflection on more of the kinds of games we can expect to see in the future. Todays generation of children are becoming more savvy with computers than ever before. They can pick you off with a deadly accurate head shot in games like Battlefield 4, while trash talking off what they would do to your mother, just to add insult to your virtual injury.

As gun crimes continues to rise, especially with the younger population overdosed on first-person-shooter video games, like Killzone 4, and Call of Duty: Ghosts. Do you think such uncensored sex scenes in the new GTA V, could help to increase a rise in under-age sex, under-age pregnancies or even sexual assaults amongst children?

We are not here to judge Rockstar for the adult themed content in GTA 5, since they do have an age restriction warning label clearly displayed on the box art. We as adults, parents, aunties and uncles, on the other hand do have a moral obligation to do our best to raise our young children with decency, respect for all and tough love. Even if that means saying no to buying your 10 year old son/daughter/niece/ or nephew a copy of that new Adult only - Grand Theft Auto 5 game coming out 17th September 2013.

Warning Not Safe For Work Video Content.

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Has Rockstar's uncensored sex scene in GTA V gone too far? Voice your opinion and let us know with a comment below.