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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Hohokum on PS4: First Impressions From Guano Factory Debut Trailer

Hohokum on Playstation 4: First Impressions From Guano Factory Debut Trailer

By Maya Mayfield
19th September 2013

The unhappy two finger eye for a face boss, wants his gooey yellow honey stuff, from strange flying birds, followed by Aardvarks with long ant eating snouts - Hohokum.

In this brand new PS4 debut trailer of Hohokum Guano Factory, we see what appears to be an unhappy boss waiting for his first dose of gooey honey. A group of weird looking flying birds are carrying this gooey substance, followed closely by creatures that resemble aardvarks, keen on collecting the yellow stuff with their long ant eating snouts.
From this first debut trailer, Hohokum reminds us of what a worker bee or ant farm colony looks like.
Everyone in Guano Factory has a specific role to play and we think from this new trailer that gamers will have to focus on staying on top of various things at once in order to progress through the games mission further.
We certainly are intrigued to know and see more, and we will  keep you updated with any more information we discover about this strange, but very interesting game coming to the Playstation 4.