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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Order 1886 New Info Leaked On Story,Guns, Graphics, and Gameplay Physics

PS4 Exclusive The Order 1886 New Info Leaked

By Maya Mayfield
9th October 2013


One of the major games, a lot of playstation fans are eager to get their hands on in 2014 is PS4 exclusive The Order 1886 by Ready at Dawn Studios.The game is set in London's  victorian era but with a futuristic twist. As the main character, your mission will be to fight off the monsters in this alternate reality that has been threatening humanity for centuries.
Ready at Dawn have kept a tight lid on the order 1886 for a while, drip feeding details of what to expect here and there.

Today we can reveal new leaked information that has surfaced, about this exciting new game exclusive to Playstation 4.

The-Order-1886-Playstation-4-Exclusive-New-Info-Leaked-On-Story-Guns-Physics* Ready at Dawn have been developing The order 1886 since 2005.

* Ready at Dawn promises the graphics you see in the trailer is what you get in gameplay.

* Everything in the world of 1886 has been rendered with soft body physics.

* Metal beams react and bend with magnetic forces shifting in real time.

* Incredible attention to every detail: Lens flare effect catches light when players rotate the camera, oil lamps flicker and  flash independently in underground environments. Light reflects and bounces off every object creating incredible realism. Years of dedication to in-game materials like, wood, cloth and leather.

The-Order-1886-Playstation-4-Exclusive-New-Info-Leaked-On-Story-Guns-Physics* Clouds and particles of dust float independently around lamp flames, randomly settling down on camera lens.

* Ready at Dawn worked hard to create weapons that were both unique and scientifically grounded, but also reacting in ways gamers would not expect.

* Examples of weapons: Combination Gun has two different fire settings, you can create space by blowing enemies back with a non lethal charge, while using standard rifle fire to recover ground, Thermite Rifle lets gamers shoot a chemical onto enemies, using secondary fire to shoot flares and light them on fire, The powerful Arc Gun we saw  in the trailer no description needed, and frag grenades.

* Around the 7th or 8th century, the human population splinter into factions with many turning into strange half human, half beasts, setting the conflict into motion.

* Humanity form an alliance called the Order to fight the threat.

* During the struggle a discovery is made called, "black water." Giving those who drink it the ability to live longer, and recover from  their injuries.

* The Knights from the order who have drank black water continue to age at a much slower pace, allowing them to fight for humanities survival for centuries.  The strange water is both their gift and their curse as they have to endure watching their loved ones die over time.

* The game begins in the 19th century where we meet our hero Sir Galahad, the guy with the moustache.

The-Order-1886-Playstation-4-Exclusive-New-Info-Leaked-On-Story-Guns-Physics* A new threat rises as humans fight for equality, against those who have exploited society for their personal gain.

* Gamers can expect exciting scenes of battle similar to Gears of War.

* Although The Order 1886 is geared towards a third-person gunplay combat system. There are moments where players will be able to explore and investigate their surroundings in order to gain clues and solve mysteries.

* Gamers can gain an edge during extreme heavy fire by quickly surveying their environments, when the game goes into slow motion action. These can vary from dodging an enemy punch, to improvising with a weapon.

*The Order 1886 is focused on Single player campaign, with Ready at Dawn keeping their lips sealed on multiplayer features for now.

*Interactive cutscenes help to build the action and keep players in full control (like shooting) while a preset dramatic event occurs.

What do you guys think so far are you excited about The Order 1886?

Via Gamingbolt Source: Gameinformer