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Monday, 9 December 2013

Xbox One Fan Hulk Smash PS4 Outside Best Buy

Xbox One Fan Reacts To  PS4 Winning Best Console Battle

December 9th, 2013 By Mont Brown



It appears not everyone is taking the recent news of Sony's recent 2.1 million global sales report so well as we discovered from this bizarre video of what we could only imagine would  be a disgruntled Xbox One Fanboy.

While gamers struggle all over the world to get a hold of the limited Playstation 4 system. This guy decides he would rather walk up to a queue of customers waiting to buy the PS4 outside of best buy to destroy a Playstation 4 right in front them. We are surprised this nameless man did not turn green as he ripped open the box in a fit of rage, before Incredible hulk smashing the living daylights out of the playstation 4. SMH!

If there were any awards for biggest tool on the planet, this guy would certainly take home the trophy.

Source: Youtube