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Sunday, 27 July 2014

This Is The Best Weapon In Destiny Beta

Destiny Beta: The Best Weapon To Own Them All

July 27th, 2014 By Dean Howard


After playing Destiny's Beta for what feels like over a hundred hours this week, the team have concluded the very best weapon in Destiny Beta has to be the formidable Shingen-C. This powerful primary weapon is a nice all rounder that packs a whopping punch. When fully upgraded the Shingen-C can cause damage in the high 50-60 range, with increased damage when the weapon is aimed. It stores up-to 44 rounds of magazine and has an extremely high rate of fire power.

The Shingen-C is a high powered precision rifle for the experienced Guardians and can be upgraded to either include the Steadyhand IS for optimized handling or the Red Dot-OAS for improved targeting.

Finding one of these bad-boys of destruction is pure luck as we randomly came across it during a loot drop in strike. The Shingen_C leaves a wake of destruction in its path, leveling up the playing field when battling higher ranked enemies.

Having this weapon did feel slightly advantageous to everyone else, especially in Iron Banner PvP events. We reckon Bungie may re-balance this weapon once the full version of the game is released September 9th, to avoid most gamers leaning towards the Shingen-C as their only primary weapon of choice in Destiny's massive Universe.

Our Thoughts . . .

There really shouldn't be just one best weapon in a game filled with so many awesome fire power to choose from. Ultimately its not about the power of the rifle, but the skill of those who wield it. We all just have to wait to find out what other super guns Bungie has lined up to rival the all powerful Shingen-C, the rifle we think is the best weapon in Destiny Beta. Take a look at the Shingen-C in action below and tell us what is your favorite best weapon in Destiny's Beta.