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Thursday, 7 August 2014

TwitchTV Final Fantasy XIV ARR Stream Gets Too Red Hot For Viewers

Twitch User Streams Final Fantasy XIV Character Getting A Little Too Hands On

August 7th, 2014 By Dean Howard

A user on Twitch has been finding very interesting ways of keeping themselves entertained in Final Fantasy XIV. Twitch members where shocked as they came across this bizarre stream as they witnessed what we can only describe as some very red hot hands on action.

Strategically placing their character on the right next to a computer generated AI on the left who happens to be moving her hand through the water in a down-up motion, you can clearly figure out what this twitch user is trying to simulate from all this under water stroking motion.

The stream has since been pulled, but not before we were able to capture some of this very unusual activity and accompanying comments for your cough, cough . . . viewing pleasure. We guess there is more to the realm than just running around fighting enemies and searching for gold.

Warning NSFW

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Source: TwitchTV