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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Ubisoft Looks To T-Bone To Salvage Watch_Dogs After Aiden Fails To Impress

Play As T-Bone Grady In New  Watch_Dogs Bad Blood DLC

September 3rd, 2014 By Dean Howard


For those yet to play or looking to re-expereince the joys of Watch_Dogs, why not re-visit the game but this time through the eyes of another notorious hacker by the name of T-Bone Grady. T-Bone isn't just your average wannabe hacker. He grew up cracking high government security codes before the internet was barely a thought.

In this all brand new story mode, you will be able to play as T-Bone for the very first time. T-Bone will be carrying on from where Aiden left off, but before the hack master can vanish of the digital grid, he must settle a few scores and tie up some loose ends. T-Bone will put his own escape plans in jeopardy  as he tries to help Tobias Frewer, but he may already be way over his head.

Through the eyes of T-Bone, players will get to experience his unique hacking abilities, play with new weapons, wear new outfits and get the assistance of T-Bone's latest design: Eugene, a specially customized remote control toy car for you to play with.

Now that Aiden has left Chicgao, new gangs have started re-claiming their turf, so as an added side bonus mission, players will be able to access the Street Sweep contracts, which will give them an unlimited amount of content to play with both in single and multiplayer modes. Watch_Dogs Season Pass holders will be able to get exclusive access to Watch_Dogs Bad Blood DLC from 23rd of September and will be available to everyone else from September 30th.

Our Thoughts . . . 

In a day and age where character development and emotional connection to that character is just as important for gamers as it is to have great graphics, it's no surprise that Ubisoft are slowly trying to introduce a new protagonist into the world of Watch_Dogs, especially after the abysmal performance by its original protagonist Aiden Pearce. Since T-Bone is already a character most fans of the series will be familiar with, it will be interesting to see how he can re-ignite gamers to his cause after  Aiden's uninspiring performance.